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The tension is here Tension is here Between who you are and who you could be

Between how it is and how it should be

Caroline "Carly: Epson
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My name is Carly Epson, I'm 18 years old and I'm student. I'm pretty average really, I like listening music, shopping, sleeping and pigging out on junk food. In fact I think the only really exciting about me, is that I'm half witch, half human. I live in Halloween town with my father Jared, he's a warlock, my mom lived in the mortal world. You see, when they got divorced I had to chose, who I wanted to live with, but my mom swore that if I chose to stay with her, she'd never let me explore my true heritage as a witch because it was too dangerous.

When my father returned to his family home in Halloween town, I chose to go with him to learn about my family's past and of course study magic. The latter is taking alot more work than I had hoped...

This journal is used for RPG purposes for a game located at hth_rp Carly Epson is not real.